Shamanic Quest - Contemporary Shamanism for the 21st Century
Welcome to Shamanic Quest

Welcome to Shamanic Quest, where the ancient  knowledge and practices of the Northern Hemisphere Shamans are amalgamated to form contemporary shamanic practice.

Based on the teachings of Kenneth Meadows, Shamanic Quest aims to continue the work that Ken began by promoting, teaching and practicing the contemporary shamanism that is called Shamanics.

Follow this link to watch a short film of students giving one word testimonials on their experience of the one year Shamanic Quest Foundation Course.

Melanie Tomsett of Shamanic Quest, began her shamanic training in 1991 with renowned shamanic practitioner and international author, Kenneth Meadows. She continued to work with Kenneth until a few weeks before his passing. Andrew Riley wrote “A fellow author and colleague (Leo Rutherford) described the aftermath of one particular ceremony where the author (Kenneth Meadows) was told by an otherworld ally that he would act as a lantern. This spurred him on to write the books, present the workshops and promote his view on shamanism. The books sold and sold and sold....The flame of the lantern was fanned and became a beacon. I just hope there is someone who can build on this for the next generation” It is Melanie’s aim to be that someone; and it is with Ken’s blessing that she continues to carry the Lantern.

Workshops and Courses are held in the beautiful Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire. This is a fourteen acre site, with underground meditation chamber, sweat lodges, labyrinth and Yurt, in which the workshops are located. for further information visit

"I attended Mel's Shamanic Practitioner training in 2012 and I really enjoyed it so much. What I found so helpful was the amount of information given in a very practical way. I found after attending the sessions I had the confidence to apply practices learnt on clients. Very practical and effective training. Mel's love and passion for the subject was infectious and the group were great." Belinda Halpenny

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