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Newsletter January 2015

Welcome to the first official Newsletter of Shamanic Quest. MayI begin by wishing you all a very Happy New Year.  

Shamanic Quest came in to existence in the summer of 2012 when the first two introductory workshops were held and the first Foundation Course began (due to the persistence and encouragement of John McClean and Belinda Halpenny). In 2013 further Introductory Workshops were held and a second Foundation Course began. 2014 has seen further developments with the addition of the enthusiastically received Runic Shaman course. This course will be run again towards the end of 2015 or early 2016. The second Foundation Course has been completed and a third is underway. 
I also had the pleasure of visiting Absolute Radio to perform a Power Animal Retrieval for Richie on the OC Breakfast Show. Please see the link on the left for an account and access to a short film of the proceedings (which is a little light humoured!). 
2015 is set to see some exciting new developments and additions for Students following student feedback,  with a range of new workshops on offer.
Congratulations to Newly Certificated Foundation Course Members   The 2013/14 Foundation Course held its final workshop in October 2014. After a fair amount of trepidation, all of the students submitted their material for their dissertation and Portfolio. As always, the students were very unsure as to just what to say and what the format should be. As shamanic work is so individual and creative, the dissertation and portfolio requirements are very flexible, to enable students to portray their experiences in their own unique ways. The standard of work submitted was very high, with all students demonstrating clearly their understanding of Shamanic principles and practice and how shamanics has impacted on their lives.   Reading the students submissions is an honour, a complete joy and a privilege. I would like to express my gratitude to them for trusting in the process and me! To celebrate, the group had lunch at the Flying Horse (Kenneth Meadows Medicine name!) in Clophill on the 21 December 2014. Each student was presented with their certificate and this was a great opportunity to catch up and have some fun while enjoying the delicious food at this atmospheric Inn. 

Drum Circle The Shamanic Quest drum Circle is held once a month on a Monday on or closest to the New Moon at the Clophill Centre, in their beautiful Yurt. It is a closed group to those who are associated to Shamanic Quest; however visitors are welcome to attend one of the open Drum Circle events that are held four times a year. The aims of the Drum Circle are to promote and practice shamanic drumming for journeying, healing and community. The evenings have proven to be fun and energising! The December Circle was our first open to visitors evening and was held during the Winter Solstice. The evening was one of celebration and sharing with drumming, chanting, beautiful flute playing, food shared, gifts exchanged and shamanic journeying. Richard Diss was also holding the Sacred Fire at the Clophill Centre that evening and some of us went on to join in the Fire Celebrations afterwards.
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