Shamanic Quest - Contemporary Shamanism for the 21st Century

Foundation Course in Shamanics - Non-Residential
About the Course
This course consists of eight modules spread over twelve one day workshops beginning in November  and finishing in October the following year. Criteria for acceptance on the course are attendance of an Introductory Workshop. 

The principle aim of the course is to help you with your own, multi-dimensional personal development, re-establish your connections with the earth and nature and enable you to practice shamanics on an on-going basis to empower your future and help those around you with the knowledge and techniques learned.
Participation in the course will impart a deeper understanding of shamanism and its principles and practice. You will learn how to access the extra-ordinary worlds of the shaman though shamanic journey techniques and develop a deeper experience of these non-ordinary realities.
You will: 
  • learn the appropriate use of shamanic tools and techniques
  • come into an awareness of the subtle energies that surround and interpenetrates our physical body and learn various shamanic techniques that will enable us to sense these subtle energies and facilitate any required changes
  • begin to comprehend our own multi-dimensional nature – Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit – and learn how the intelligence of the physical body may be contacted and communicated with in order to correct any energy-imbalances that may be causing us problems
  • examine the mental ‘self’ and come to recognise how ‘conditioning’ has prevented us from expressing our ‘true’ self. At these workshops we shall be extending our levels of awareness to obtain the energy-patterns that are needed to deal with the concerns of everyday life, and also to discover the guidance and inspiration that can only be found within
  • examine fully the world around us from a shamanic perspective, using the medicine wheel as a guide in making our own personal links with nature and finding direction and purpose in our personal lives. We will experience for our self the Spiritual Ecology and learn how to work with the Elements and with benevolent powers of nature and by so doing obtain personal guidance that is of value in our life at the present time. We will come to understand through personal experience that the trees, plants, animals, birds, even rocks and stones can be our teachers
  • examine the nature of the Soul from a shamanic perspective and its relationship with the physical body and the Mind. A unique technique of Life-Energy Restoral is taught based upon a shamanic tradition of Soul therapy
  • examine how to retrieve information from subtle essences that are carried from previous lives and stored in our personal energy-system and how this information can help us better deal with the conflicts and challenges being faced in our present life. A unique method of past life therapy is introduced and experienced
  • There will be opportunities to consolidate your learning and understanding so that your can continue your development on completion of the course
  • There will be an opportunity for certification on completion of the course, the criteria of which will be discussed in workshop one
The Clophill Centre is located  just outside of the pretty Bedfordshire  village of Clophill. The aim of the centre is to provide a location where like-minded people can gather to practice complementary medicine in a spacious, light and agreeable setting with views over open countryside. The 14 acre site offers a rich wealth of possibility for connections to be made with nature.

Shamanics ~ 
Foundation Course  
Fees 2017-18


For further details of how to book or for more information call Melanie
 07940 878729 or email 
Shamanics ~ 
Foundation Course 

The Clophill Centre
Shefford Road
MK45 4BT

Sundays arrival from 9.30am for a 10am start -  Finish 5pm

2017/2018 Dates

November 19th
December 16th

January 14th 
February 18th
March 18th
April 15th
May 13th
June 17th
July 15th
August 26th
September 23rd
October 28th

Essential items
Please bring to the workshops: 
your lunch
a blanket
a cover for your eyes
pen & pad
rattle/drum if you have one

Tea/coffee & biscuits will be available 

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