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Power Animal Retrieval Film

This was filmed at the Absolute Radio Studio in Golden Square, London on the 9th April 2014 for the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show. 

I offered my services after hearing DJ Christian recommend to DJ Richie that a Power Animal would benefit him during a challenge he was about to undertake, during a morning show two weeks prior to this filming.

Richie was in training to participate in the London Marathon. Shamanic Power Animals are ideal to help and support people who are about to experience a challenging situation. Richie was very nervous in the moments prior to experiencing the shamanic technique, but seemed relaxed and happy afterwards. His Power Animal was Zebra.

He chose not to look at books to understand the meaning of the animal, but to work with the energy of the Power Animal and come to understand its message in his own time. 

The following day, the recording of the session was played on air and listeners were invited to call in. The show is known for its witty repartee and banter. Christian asked why do we not have Zebra racing? A caller who was an animal behaviourist left the message that Zebras live in an autonomous heard with no leader and will therefore not accept leadership and commands from humans. This differs from horses who live in a hierarchical heard and who do accept authority and leadership from others, which is why they will accept commands from humans. 

After listening to this information, Richie came to the understanding that he had to use the qualities of Zebra to run his own race, his own way & pace,  and not be coerced or pressured in to running to please others or keep up with everyone else. 

This is a good example of how to work initially with the energy of a Power Animal. Of course, there is much more!

The film is entitled, Run Richie Run 

Brief Explanation of Power Animal Technique.

At the beginning of the technique, I was preparing Richie's energies by cleansing his aura with smudge smoke and feather stroking of the auric fibres; and then balancing his energies with the vibration of the shamanic tool, the rattle. 

I laid next to Richie with the  left  side of my body, the receiving side of the body, touching the right side of his body, the transmitting side of the body. This body location/position enables the practitioner to work within the energy field of another and receive the necessary information from the client.

During the Shamanic Journey I am accessing an intangible energy that is inherent within the client, Richie, which is made tangible by its expression through an animal form, in this case, Zebra. This technique gives ones mind the opportunity to connect and gain understanding from an otherwise unrecognised internal energy pattern.

At the end of the technique, I am transferring the energy I have identified back to its rightful owner by blowing the essence and energy of the Power Animal in to energy portals physically located at the heart and top of the head. Integration of the Power Animal energy pattern can commence and the real work begins.

If you would like to learn how to obtain a Power Animal for yourself or others, please contact me or book your place on my workshop  or course 


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