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Shamanic Quest

Contemporary Shamanism for the 21st Century

About Shamanics

Shamanics is a form of deep spiritual, personal development and healing, based in nature and developed by Kenneth Meadows. Shamanics is a contemporary distillation of Northern Hemisphere Shaman knowledge (northern European, Amerindian, Hawaiian Kahuna and Doaist) that is based in the common truths held within all of these traditions, but without the dogma or ritual. This means that the person who practices Shamanics can do so easily, in any circumstance or location. The teachings are experiential and found to be deeply meaningful for many people.

By utilising and traversing the ancient knowledge of the Shaman, the modern Shamanic Practitioner can undergo massive personal growth and understanding of themselves and their place on the earth; experience deep balance and healing; and can also help others during their earth walk.

Shamanism is the most ancient of all Spiritual practice. Images of shamanic practices can be found within the Cave paintings that our ancient ancestors created to tell of their experiences and we can recognise these images as practices that modern Shamanic practitioners continue to utilise. It is a Nature based practice and the practitioners are in harmony with Nature, being governed, guided and taught by Her, able to access the mystery and wisdom of all in creation.

Native American wisdom teaches us that from the Great Mystery came the Great Spirit. In order to experience itself, the Great Spirit created Waken Tanka - the Great Everything - the whole of creation that includes everything that is manifested in the Cosmos and that which is out of manifestation also.

Everything that is part of Waken Tanker contains a fragment of the Great Spirit in manifestation, Humans, Trees, Plants, Animals, Birds, Fish, Plants, Rocks, the Elements, absolutely everything in existence. Therefore, all of these things have an awareness of their own being-ness and all can be contacted through Shamanic techniques.

As we now begin to understand Waken-Tanka a little, we can appreciate the fact that all of these things are our Relatives and as such deserve our deep respect at the very least. Coming in to relationship with these things can lead to profound and life changing understandings leading to a positive difference in our way of being. We learn about these things via the study of and connection to the Medicine Wheel (Sacred Hoop), Shamanic journey work, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge amongst many others. We come to understand that Everything is our Relative - Mitakuye Oyasin.

Shamanism teaches us that all dis-ease comes from separation, separation from Our Relatives and separation from our Self - our Spirit. Learning shamanics reconnects us not only to all of our Relatives but also to our Self at every level of our being, enabling us to step into our own Medicine or Personal Power so that we may walk our Soul Path, the Way with Heart, the Beautiful Way.

Shamanism takes us on a Journey of deep discovery in the planes of existence at the Super- Natural levels that are to be found within us and within Waken Taker. If you are ready for the challenge, it would be an honour to walk beside you and assist you as best I can. Mitakuye Oyasin.