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Shamanic Quest

Contemporary Shamanism for the 21st Century


Foundation Course (testimonials recieved 2016)

Follow this link to watch a short film of students giving one word testimonials on their experience of the one year Shamanic Quest Foundation Course.

Melanie’s ‘Shamanics’ course lasted a full year and was fantastic value for money. A year allowed enough time to absorb new understandings of our place in the world, take on new perspectives and have respect for the power of the directions and the influences of mother earth that guide us. I was able to reconnect with mother earth in a deeper way that I just did not think was possible. My relationship with spirit was very active at this time and I then became aware of an important new direction opening up for me. This gave me confidence to take the new opportunities as a natural progression, without the usual fears. Most importantly my relationship with myself blossomed during the year of the course and since then I have become more able to use my own power and use it in a responsible way. Thank you, Melanie.

David Graham (20 months after the end of the course)

Introductory Workshop July 2014

"The day was a complete revelation and opened my eyes to the amazing world of the Shaman. Having the workshop in the Yurt at the Clophill Centre really set the atmosphere for the day. Melanie's teaching style made me feel relaxed and confident, and I was completely blown away by the Power Animal retrieval. I am completely hooked and will definitely be back for more."Helen P., Barton Le Clay.

"It has been a real joy to learn and work with Melanie Tomsett. She has taught me so many things, but most of all, she has given me the confidence to believe in my own ability. I have loved our workshops. They have been interesting and informative. It has also been, so nice to come together and meet like minded people! At the end of our workshops, I have left feeling energised and inspired!

I would highly recommended the “Shamanics”, Shamanic Practitioner Workshops with Melanie Tomsett, she is a brilliant teacher, with vast pool knowledge. In my case she has been a huge influence in gaining my confidence. And of course, I now have gained so much more knowledge of my own! " Kari Walters

"I just wanted to share a recommendation for Melanie, I attended a shamanic course with her for a while earlier in the year. Her knowledge is vast and has solid foundations, she teaches in a friendly calm and professional way. Mel helps you to feel confident and secure in your own learning whilst showing how to truly re connect with yourself and stay grounded. I learnt so much in the short time I spent with Mel and hope so much to have the chance to learn with her again. I would recommend her to anyone" Maria Hughes